FINALLY! An Effective Plan To Feel Amazing, Lose Weight Easily,​​​​​​​ Get Healthier Than Ever, and Eliminate Cravings Once & For All!
...and it's FREE?


Take Care Of Yourself

Give your body the chance to function without the foods that may be sabotaging your health.


Easy-To-Follow Plan

During this 10-Day Detox,
Dr. Venus will give you specific step-by-step guidance. Meal Plan, Recipes, Shopping list, and more!


A Coach To Support You

You'll receive access to a Private Facebook Group where you'll receive Dr. Venus' personal support throughout the detox.



Dr. Venus – The Biohacking M.D. – is a licensed physician in the specialty of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation who received her medical training at Yale University, University of Miami, and University of California-Irvine.  She has a thriving medical practice in Southern California and has competed for 20 years as a national-level fitness athlete.  A respected fitness trainer with expertise in "biohacking" human physiology and biomechanics to achieve optimal results, she has had clients ranging from single moms to professional athletes, and even an action film star.  Dr. Venus has been a repeat guest expert on the TV series “The Doctors” and was featured on several other shows including NBC's "American Gladiators," and ABC's "The Bachelor: Paris."  She also contributes to multiple health outlets and has been published in Oxygen Magazine.

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