Lets Get Real - Jan 2020

You've tried to LOSE WEIGHT...
You want to GET MORE FIT...
But it's a STRUGGLE to stick to the plan because
you’re just TOO BUSY!
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Over 98% Of Fat Loss Programs Fail…And It’s Not Your Fault!

Let’s face it. It is hard to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan with super busy lives trying to cater to all the demands of life. Everywhere we turn there are tempting foods and drinks — during holidays, birthday parties, and football games, we are bombarded.

When you add in the stresses of family and work, it makes it tough to squeeze in exercise and you have a recipe for disaster as far as our scales are concerned. The good news is that you really can lose fat and be successful with my proven transformation system.

It will take some effort, but you will thank yourself a thousand times when reach your goals and you have no regrets!

I know... you've ​​​​​​​spent money on other programs or challenges before, made some progress, but end up back where you've started.

It's true... there's so much info out there and you could do it on your own, but you don't have the time and it can be hard to know whose info to trust.

I'd like to help you !

I've invested the time and money on the training and research. I've worked hard to gain the experience needed to understand what the human body needs in a multitude of situations.

Let me be the coach you can trust.

 I combined my "keep it simple" philosophy with my knowledge of the body's complex systems & hormonal pathways.  The result is a program that makes the necessary changes on the inside so you can make a real transformation on the outside.​​​​​​​

And I make it super easy-to-follow. 
If you can spend even a few minutes each day with me during this Total Body Reboot, I'm going to educate, motivate and inspire you to become the best version of you. It's not just a program. It's an EXPERIENCE!

With my body-optimizing nutrition program, entertaining education curriculum, supportive accountability group, and effective workouts on the TEAM DR. VENUS Fitness App, you'll get everything you need to stay on track DESPITE your busy life...and still have plenty of fun!

Oh, and I'm also going to give you tons of amazing recipes that will support your efforts, AND make you rub your belly and lick your lips, too. 

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LET'S GET REAL: 30-Day Total Body Reboot

Here's how this amazing offer works!

  • REGISTER to lock in your spot.

  • Attend the online ORIENTATION. This is where you get all the amazing information about my "Let's Get Real" program. (Replay will be available, if you can't make it live.)

  • Real Results Using Real-Life Techniques. Follow my fitness journey in REAL TIME! Every week, you'll see the progress I made as I worked toward my goals. See the results I achieved — without any tricks, filters, or exaggerations. All the while, I'll train & motivate you to use the same techniques to achieve your own goals.

  • Let me GUIDE and COACH you step-by-step using the proven system that has helped so many get in the best shape of their lives. A system that REALLY works on your body's complex processes & hormonal pathways.

  • By the end of our 30 days together, you'll be looking, feeling, and LIVING life... all BETTER than you could have imagined.


Early Bird Sale
ends on May 9th at 9:00pm ET.

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"Let's Get Real" starts on May 14th, 2020.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get
When You Join Us For The Total Body Reboot:

  • 30 days of fat burning and body toning workouts! Home or gym options available. Video demos conveniently accessible on the TEAM DR. VENUS Fit App.

  • 30-day nutrition plan with a focus on REAL food. No starvation diets here!

  • Unlimited Support, Motivation, and Inspiration in the Online Accountability Group,

  • Exclusive 30-Day Total Body Reboot training offered in the Online Workshop.

  • Daily email coaching.

  • Weekly "Dine and Dish" video chats. You'll get coaching, group support, and a chance for Q&A so you can personalize the program to meet your needs. I conduct these sessions myself. No "staff trainers" like other programs do.

  • Chance to win one of many PRIZES in our "Let's Get Real" Giveaway! 

  • An opportunity to get the program FREE simply by completing the program. Just submit your weekly check-in forms and complete the final survey.

I’ve strived to be at the forefront of the health & fitness industry for more than 20 years now, as a licensed medical physician, certified fitness trainer, and competitive fitness athlete.
My passion for healthy living has taken me to some amazing places and it’s been an inspiration for me throughout my life. I’m a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and a fully-licensed practicing physician board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
I know the human body and what it is capable of when you give it what it needs. That's why they call me the "The Biohacking M.D." By using my tried and trusted comprehensive approach of “first do no harm” and then make things as optimal as they can be, I pride myself on getting the sustainable results that others simply can’t.
I call it science with a good helping of common sense!

Join me NOW for the "LET'S GET REAL:
30-Day Total Body Reboot!"

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This Early Bird Sale ends May 9th, 2020, 9:00pm ET.

Will this really work?  

Now before you think that my method won’t work for you because you’re starting from scratch, while I have the benefit of being a competitive athlete for so many years…let me tell you why this time, my journey may be a little more like yours.

My life is full. I’m a physician, fitness athlete, personal trainer, and community volunteer. But after my father had a stroke in March of 2016, I fell into a depression of sorts as I took on the role of caregiver. I was a textbook case of Caregiver Syndrome.

I stopped working out. I ate junk food. I gained weight. My energy level plummeted. I was ashamed that I allowed this to happen, since my job as a rehabilitation physician often involves helping families of stroke patients’ deal with such situations.

As a health and fitness expert who has been on TV & radio, advising others about how to stay fit, it was very humbling to have fallen into this trap — I had developed complete apathy with regards to my own health.

Months passed. Eventually, I decided that I had to get back on track. I realized that I would not be able to take good care of my family if I didn’t take better care of myself. To resume a healthy lifestyle, I thought I could just do what I had done so many times before — diet and train like I was getting ready for a contest. I started my contest prep program, and failed almost immediately. I was “on the wagon, then “off the wagon”…over and over again. What was I doing wrong?

And then it came to me. I had never done this before. I had prepared for a fitness competition while maintaining my work as a physician, trainer, and philanthropist. But I had never done THIS. I had never dieted and trained while working AND caregiving.

So I had to approach this differently. It’s not HUGELY different. But it’s an important tweak to my regimen. And I’ll share it with you in my LET'S GET REAL program.

Don't just take my word for it.
​​​​​​​Check out what others have to say!  

"I have done many different types of workouts in the past and I'm amazed with Dr. Venus' program. I particularly love her high-intensity interval training workouts... just what I need to challenge my body.  I will definitely continue to do her workouts." 
- Paula Delcid 

"When I met Dr. Venus, I was struggling...even though I spent many hours in the gym and ate 'healthy,' I was unable to make lasting changes. My body fat stayed the same, and my muscle tone didn't change much. My new diet had plenty of food...didn't leave me feeling deprived. And I had plenty of energy to train. Most of all, Dr. Venus believed in me when I didn't believe in myself and always encouraged me and pushed me to do my personal best. I am beyond thankful to Dr. Venus for being my coach and highly recommend working with her."
- Adriana Pobiarzyn

"As an occupational therapist and rehab professional, I appreciate that Dr. Venus' workouts are simple, effective, and balanced. Since occupational therapists are all about the balance of work, rest, and play, I love the fact that I get a very effective workout in less than an hour that targets the major muscle groups and can be done without impact...Workouts can be totally individualized to where I'm at, whether due to injuries or the aging process." 
- Donna Christopher, OTR​​​​​​​

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30-Day Total Body Reboot"

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"Let's Get Real" starts on May 14th, 2020.

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