Does the word "diet" make you cringe?
Are you ready to get fit for real this time & stay that way?
Or maybe you want to lose weight the easiest way, without sacrificing flavor or your health.
If so, keep reading....

It's time to get some one-on-one COACHING from DR. VENUS!


Real Results In Real Time
6-Month UNLIMITED Coaching Program
Only 10 spots available!

"Yes, Dr. Venus. I want to access somebody who is basically my coach 'on call' to be with me every step of the way.
Because I'm ready to partner with someone who will support me with:

  • That weight loss goal that seems just (grunt) out of (umph!) reach.

  • Or getting rid of that mint chip ice cream craving that is my Achilles heel...just can't seem to beat it. 

  • Or that exercise routine that I've put on the "back burner," increasing my anxiety levels as my workout shoes stare at me... waiting... waiting.

  • Or that meal prep that I keep putting off (ahem... avoiding).

  • Or those habits and new ways of being that I promised myself, but the wagon I fell off of is so waaaay far in the distance now, I’m afraid I may never catch it."

6-Month Unlimited Coaching Program Includes:

  • Truly ​​​​​​​Unlimited Coaching & Support

  • 30-minute Initial COMMIT-TO-FIT Jumpstart Consultation

  • Momentum Steps Provided on Each Call

  • UNLIMITED 15-Minute Laser Coaching Sessions

  • Email Support If You Need Help with Your Momentum Steps

Plus these BONUSES:

  • Access to all materials from the DISCOVER YOUR ZEN 8-week program (includes Day-by-Day Guidance, Workout Plan, Exercise Videos, Meal plan, Recipe eBook, Food Journal, Shopping List, Educational Handouts, & Replays of Group Coaching Calls). Valued at $499!
    For more details on Discover Your Zen, CLICK HERE.

  • 6-Months Access to the Dr. Venus fitness app to track your workouts and nutrition. Valued at $81!

Get UNLIMITED Coaching From Me.
Learn The ​​​​​​​"Embrace Your Excuse" Method And Discover My Proven Solution…

Normally you would have to invest $1997 to get this kind of personalized service from me…


Just a $49 deposit gets you in now!

Only $499 in full
or 4 payments of $135


UNLIMITED 1-on-1 Coaching
6-Month Program

Get Your Massive Extended BLACK FRIDAY Discount - Before The Price Goes Back Up!

BUT REMEMBER, I can only accept the first 10 people to sign up for this program at this time.

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Don't just take my word for it.
​​​​​​​Check out what others have to say!  

"I have done many different types of workouts in the past and I'm amazed with Dr. Venus' program. I particularly love her high-intensity interval training workouts... just what I need to challenge my body.  I will definitely continue to do her workouts." 
- Paula Delcid 

"When I met Dr. Venus, I was struggling...even though I spent many hours in the gym and ate 'healthy,' I was unable to make lasting changes. My body fat stayed the same, and my muscle tone didn't change much. My new diet had plenty of food...didn't leave me feeling deprived. And I had plenty of energy to train. Most of all, Dr. Venus believed in me when I didn't believe in myself and always encouraged me and pushed me to do my personal best. I am beyond thankful to Dr. Venus for being my coach and highly recommend working with her."
- Adriana Pobiarzyn

"As an occupational therapist and rehab professional, I appreciate that Dr. Venus' workouts are simple, effective, and balanced. Since occupational therapists are all about the balance of work, rest, and play, I love the fact that I get a very effective workout in less than an hour that targets the major muscle groups and can be done without impact...Workouts can be totally individualized to where I'm at, whether due to injuries or the aging process." 
- Donna Christopher, OTR​​​​​​​


Is it truly unlimited?
Yes, you could have a call with me on a Monday, complete your momentum steps that same day and schedule your next call that very same day. Truly unlimited coaching.


When does the program start and end?
We officially begin the day of your first consultation session (and you have up to 90 days from the time you pay your $49 deposit to complete that first session). We finish 6 months later on the same calendar date (i.e. If you complete your first session on January 8, 2018, then the program ends on July 8, 2018). 


When can I book my sessions?
You can book your first consultation session immediately after receiving your payment confirmation welcome email! Any remaining balance due for the Full Payment (or the first installment of the 4-Month Payment Plan) will need to be paid before the first consultation.

The only real “rule” of this unlimited coaching game is that you must complete your momentum steps before scheduling your next session. This keeps you accountable and moving toward your goals.
But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with email support to help you make it happen, and if you change your goal or need a new strategy, you can let me know and we’ll set up another call with different momentum steps. I’m not here to hold you up, I’m here to help you succeed!
And hey, if you complete the steps that day, schedule your next call that very same day!


Is there a guarantee?
If on our first 30-minute call you (or I) don’t think this is a good fit, I’ll immediately refund your money.

Moving forward, as there are a multitude of variables from client to client, results may vary widely and there can never be any guarantees of particular outcomes. Some clients experience ideal results very quickly and others will experience their results more slowly. Everyone is on their own journey and if you show up consistently and do the work, you will see results!

I believe wholeheartedly in your desire for, and commitment to, success. In my commitment to support you powerfully and loyally to that end, I do not otherwise provide refunds for any reason.


Is it truly unlimited?
Yes, you could have a call with me on a Monday, complete your momentum steps that day and schedule your next call that very same day. Truly unlimited coaching.


Are the coaching sessions with Dr. Venus herself?
Yes, all coaching is personally done by me, Dr. Venus.


What if I'm not ready to start?
You can start at any time within 90 days of making your $49 deposit.


Is 15 minutes really enough for a coaching session?
Yes, there won't be a lot of chit-chat, so we can get right down to business. Your first call is actually 30-minutes so that I can get to know you better; but after that, we can achieve some significant coaching in 15-minute sessions. I was able to eliminate a client's craving for french fries in a short session. Over a decade of craving french fries whenever she went out to eat...and after 15 minutes with me...the compulsion to order french fries GONE!


Will the momentum steps be super hard?
Not at all! Bite-sized steps will really move you forward, but if you’re feeling particularly productive, you can ask for more.


What if I have more questions?
Just send an email over to and we’ll get back to you!


Sign Up For Your
UNLIMITED 1-on-1 Coaching
6-Month Program
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Normally $1997

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Just $499
or 4 Payments of $135

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