Awaken Your Senses: A Caribbean Adventure Quest

Would you love to go on a vacation that 

  • indulges your desires
  • rejuvenates your spirit, and
  • invigorates your mind & body that you make those  BIG personal breakthroughs needed to achieve your most important goals?

​​​​​​​If your answer is YES, then this retreat is definitely for you!​​​​​​​

“Awaken Your Senses: A Caribbean Adventure Quest” is a 6-day, 5-night getaway in a lush tropical setting that offers a truly magical experience. Join us as we set off on a quest to awaken each of our 5 senses with all the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings that Puerto Rico has to offer.

I want you to imagine yourself...

…venturing into the heart of Puerto Rico’s tropical rainforest as you gaze upon the natural beauty of spectacular foliage, intriguing wildlife, and amazing mountainous vistas.

…sitting down at the table of a locally-owned  Puerto Rican restaurant as you enjoy the delightful flavors of a traditional meal made with fresh & wholesome foods.

…exploring centuries-old blue cobblestone streets lined by the brilliantly-colored historic buildings of Old San Juan as the exquisite aromas of rich Arabica blends waft from the cafes of the best coffee farms on the island.

…sinking back to relax in soft white sand, soothing your body & calming  your mind, after snorkeling in the tranquil & sparkling clear waters that nourish vibrant sea life and gorgeous reef gardens.​​​​​​​

Now STOP! This vacation does not have to live only in your imagination. This extraordinary experience can become a reality for you. It’s time to indulge in the beauty, history, and adventure that awaits you in Puerto Rico.

"Should I visit Puerto Rico right now?"

Hurricane Maria devastated the island on September 20, 2017. But then, the rebuilding began. The pulse of Puerto Rico beats strong - hotels have opened their doors, restaurants are buzzing with locals and tourists, and the beaches boast soft, white sand and crystal clear waters.

"Thank you in advance for your interest in visiting Puerto Rico and supporting our recovery by simply vacationing on the island.  A great vacation in Puerto Rico helps thousands of families relying on tourism dollars to feed their families and hold on to what they have left.  Tourism has helped the economy bounce back from such a devastating disaster."
"Nature sure has a way of healing; land is green, the water is clearer than ever.  In comparison with most of the islands that were heavily hit by the hurricane, Puerto Rico has a tremendous amount of natural treasures and attractions, making tourism recovery easier since it can still offer our visitors plenty of amazing places and extraordinary experiences for every type of traveler.  Thank you for considering Puerto Rico as your tourist destination, it will be a great vacation for you, and a great help towards the recovery of the island and its people."

- Cupeles Communications, Puerto Rico

When creating “Awaken Your Senses: A Caribbean Adventure Quest,” inspiration was drawn from “boricua,” a word which Puerto Ricans use to identify themselves. But it is more than just another name for Puerto Ricans. It speaks of their genuine hospitality and enchanting island spirit.

The intention of this retreat is to rejuvenate and empower the mind, body, and spirit through adventure and sensory indulgence – the “boricuan” way. This spirit has been infused into every aspect of your Caribbean vacation experience.

Come immerse yourself in the "boricuan" lifestyle and allow it to inspire you. Together we will discover Puerto Rico's natural beauty, explore its harmonious way of life, enjoy a variety of fresh local dishes, find presence in daily meditation, and share in an adventurous community of fun.

“Awaken Your Senses: A Caribbean Adventure Quest” is about providing a unique experience and perhaps enlightening you with a new outlook on life.

What To Expect:
Arise from a pleasant sleep in your extra comfy room and take in the mesmerizing ocean view. Start the day conversing with newfound friends over breakfast served with island hospitality. Each day brings a new adventure. But before setting off on the daily quest, you are led through a morning warm-up to AWAKEN THE SENSES.

After your exciting day, the evening is filled with laughter, friendship, and inspirational chats. Seal in those “good vibes” with a nightly restoration meditation before retiring to your cozy bed.

Amazing Accommodations:
La Concha Resort 
This world class resort is situated on a breathtaking, sun-splashed corner of prime Caribbean beachfront in Condado, San Juan’s most elegant district. 
Its rooms are chic and airy with bright, sleek decor. You'll love the floor-to-ceiling views of the ocean. Bathrooms are designed to pamper you, featuring rain showerheads​​​​​​​ and Aveda products. Free WiFi is offered throughout the hotel.

You can relax in a lounge bed on the deck surrounding one of the 3 outdoor pools. Or you may choose to dip into the hot tub while enjoying a cold beverage from the poolside bar.

Amenities abound to support your fitness goals:
Free bike rental.
Adults-only infinity pool.
Fully-equipped fitness center.
Complimentary fitness classes.
Pristine beach (perfect for your morning walk).

And as a special retreat bonus:
All "Awaken Your Senses" attendees will receive a
wine yoga session with a La Concha personal trainer. What a wonderful way to unwind & renew!

Your stay at La Concha Resort will be a truly memorable experience. It was recognized as one of Architectural Digest’s Top Ten Hotels, selected as one of the Top 21 Hottest Caribbean Escapes by The Travel Channel, and chosen by Condé Nast Traveler as one of Puerto Rico's hottest luxury hotel destination.​​​​​​​

Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn
The relaxed and inviting atmosphere of this cozy bed and breakfast will have you feeling like you've just found your own little corner of paradise. Looking for a slice of authentic Puerto Rico? This is it!

After an action-filled day, it's the perfect place to settle back and enjoy the fresh tradewind breeze and sound of the surf. With air conditioned rooms and ocean-facing balconies, the inn is designed for your comfort.

Beach chairs and towels are complimentary for your jaunt to the sand and ocean just across the street. There's free WiFi, too!


Day 1:
We meet at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport and you'll be transported to the Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn.

Get to know your fellow “Awaken Your Senses” travelers at our Welcome Dinner featuring local cuisine.

Day 2:
Nature Hike and Waterfalls – Let's explore El Yunque Rainforest, but we'll avoid sharing the  trails and waterfalls with hundreds of other tourists. Crowds can make it impossible to fully enjoy nature, right?

Our guide will take us to a hidden natural water park off the beaten path, steering away from the crowds. You can swing through the rainforest on ropes or shoot down a huge natural water slide into the ​​​​​​​clear pools of the​​​​​​​ river. If you're really adventurous, try one of the cliff jumps - up to 34 feet. Or you may choose to relax and simply enjoy the peace of nature at thisvery unique location. This is one of Puerto Rico's local gems only a few lucky tourists get to see each year.

We'll visit the famous Luquillo Beach food kiosks for lunch and soak up the laid-back beach scene before we set off for... 

Night Kayaking – Puerto Rico is famous for its bioluminescent bays, and one of the finest
is 25 minutes from the hotel. Better appreciated on a moonless night, but a stupendous ecological experience even on moonlit nights, this trip gets you aboard two-person kayaks with trained Life Guard/CPR-qualified guides who lead you through the mangrove channels of an environmental preserve. When the ambient light level is low, the waters glisten with microorganisms that emit light when disturbed. Fish darting through the mangrove roots create a streak of light. (There is a combined weight maximum of 400 pounds per kayak.)

​​​​​​​Breakfast and evening snack are included.

Physical Condition Recommendations: 
HIKING - Participants must be physically able to walk on un-even terrain and climb over small rocks. Parts of the hikes have some incline and require balance. Not advised for pregnant women or people with back or heart problems. We can make the tour work for visitors of most any age. If you simply want to enjoy the rain forest, water pools and relax, you are very welcome to skip the jumps and slides, but you still need to be comfortable hiking. Hikes are 30-40 minutes in length.
KAYAKING - You can not participate in this tour if you are pregnant. Not recommended for guests with:
Epilepsy, Back problems, Heart conditions, Dizziness, Recent surgery.
People afraid of water should not participate in the HIKING or KAYAKING activities.

Day 3:
Sailing and Snorkeling: This is what the Caribbean is all about! The Caribbean Sea starts right where our catamaran departs from. Sodas, juices, water, and frozen drinks are served and there are snacks from the time you embark until you return.

Two stops are made, the first at an uninhabited island where you can snorkel (equipment is provided), lie in the sun, or stroll the beach. Following a buffet luncheon, a second spot is visited - one that offers a deeper water snorkeling opportunity. The catamaran anchors over a living coral reef where you can view the underwater wonders with the help of our guide. It’s a great day!! Breakfast and lunch are included.​​​​​​​

Then you'll board your transport to the magnificent La Concha Resort. Hip and cool, retro and chic, stylish and sophisticated – this is the quintessential San Juan beach hotel, and THE place to be at. And this is where YOU will be...for the next 3 nights.

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included.

Physical Condition Recommendations: 
SAILING - Since this tour includes snorkeling, we do recommend that you know at least the basics of swimming. However, you will be provided with a flotation belt, so no expert knowledge of swimming is required. The vessel is equipped with US Coast Guard approved life jackets. Tour guides are also trained lifeguards. If you choose not to join the snorkeling sessions and only enjoy the trip and beach explorations, that is fine , but bear in mind that no discount will be granted.

The American Pregnancy Association informs about Pregnancy Wellness and Exercise “During pregnancy, your balance will be off making you more susceptible to tripping or falling.” Also informs “Although swimming is a water sport, not all water sports are safe during pregnancy.” The vessel due to normal movement with currents, wind, and waves, increases the risks of tripping or falling for all guests. Pregnant women are susceptible to tripping or falling faster. The safety of your unborn child and yours are very important for us. In case of emergency, we cannot guarantee a fast return to the mainland or the necessary medical assistance.

This activity is not advised for those with heart conditions or other serious medical conditions.

Day 4:
Ziplines - We will leave our hotel and head west into the mountains until reaching the small town of Orocovis. The well-maintained grounds and breath taking views welcome us to the Toro Verde Adventure Park.

Upon arrival, we will get geared up and then the adventure begins! We hike up a short but steep hill to embark on a narrow, gravel trail that slowly leads us up to the ziplines. After approximately 15 minutes, we will arrive at the first platform, a nice wooden deck  for a detailed demonstration of the procedures. Then each of us will step up and zip away into the forest!

The first part of our tour consists of 8 traverses allowing us to swing from treetop to treetop on a safe double line system. We will glide from platform to platform enjoying a bird’s eye view of the forest while at the same time enjoying the rush of gliding, falling, and flying through the trees. A lush tropical landscape is the backdrop for this activity as we soar through and over the treetops. This is an once-in-a-lifetime experience that definitely allows us to enjoy Puerto Rico from a different perspective.

There are small hiking trails between cables and approximately 150 total steps that we will need to climb.

Afterwards we will continue to "la Bestia" (The Beast), one of the highest and longest ziplines in the world... It is 4,745 feet long and 853 feet high. You will face the exotic beauty of the forest head on because you don't just hang in the harness. You lie face down, "Superman-style!" Feeling the adrenaline of dramatic views, this adventure will take your energy to the highest levels.

You can opt out, but why would you want to? [Those who do confirm opting out of the zipline experience by October 28, 2019, will be refunded the cost of ziplining activity upon arrival at La Concha Resort.]

Personal Time: The rest of the day is free to spend as you choose. That’s what a vacation is really all about, right? At La Concha Resort there are abundant options for action or relaxation!
Breakfast is included.

Physical Condition Recommendations: 
ZIPLINES - Participants must weigh a minimum 110 pounds and maximum 300 pounds, over 4 feet in height and over 7 years of age. Not recommended for those afraid of heights, or with neck, back, hip or knee problems. Pregnant women are not allowed to participate.

This activity is not advised for those with heart conditions or other serious medical conditions.

Day 5:
After breakfast, we'll take a morning walk through the fashionable Condado district to a beautiful lagoon. There we'll float atop a stable paddle board as our instructor guides us through a basic flow of yoga postures linked with breath. Each class is specially designed for the level of the students participating. All levels welcome. The sky above you, the water below you, surrounded by natural beauty - what could be more blissful?

The afternoon brings a pleasant stroll along the historic streets of Old San Juan, a 500-year-old Spanish colonial city that basks in the Caribbean sun. You will walk the cobblestone paths past brightly painted houses, learning about the architecture, culture, and traditions of Puerto Rico.

A trip to Old San Juan wouldn't be complete without a visit to El Morro. The fortress is one of the most impressive structures on the island, encapsulating Puerto Rico’s role as a guardian of the New World. Within these walls, you can feel the awesome power this bastion of defense once commanded.

For our final evening together we'll head over to a restaurant just steps away from our hotel. We'll dine on traditional Puerto Rican fare and revel in the live music and dancing. Need to brush up on your moves? A salsa instructor will be there to guide us through a lesson!

Breakfast is included.

Physical Condition Recommendations: 
PADDLE YOGA - No yoga or paddleboarding experience is necessary. All participants must be able to swim unassisted for their safety and for the safety of all students. A Personal Floatation Device (PFD) will be provided. If you are not a confident swimmer, you may choose to wear the PFD throughout class. (If you do  not know how to swim, you may choose to participate in a fitness class at La Concha resort instead.)

OLD SAN JUAN - From south to north, the historic town runs uphill. Visitors with average physical fitness will walk comfortably. You’ll be walking on beautiful five-century-old cobblestone streets with an uneven surface and areas with broken stones.

Day 6:
Time to head home: Say farewell to Puerto Rico! Pack up your belongings, fantastic souvenirs, and wonderful memories. Your ground transfer will take you from the resort to the airport in time for your departing flight.​​​​​​​


• 3 nights at La Concha Resort, San Juan.
• 2 nights at Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn, Luquillo Beach.​​​​​​​

• All ground transfers within Puerto Rico for retreat activitires.

• Sailing and Snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea.
• El Yunque Rainforest Hiking and Waterfall Exploration.
• Kayaking in Bioluminescent Bay
• Toro Verde Zipline Tour, including 8 ziplines plus "la Bestia."
• Paddle Yoga in Condado Lagoon.
• Tour of Old San Juan.
• Wine Yoga Session with Trainer at La Concha Resort.
• Inspirational Wellness Chats
• Daily Morning Warm-up
• Nightly Restoration Meditation

• 5 daily breakfasts
• 1 lunch
• 1 dinner
• 2 snacks

• Local or International Flights.
• Alcoholic beverages, unless otherwise mentioned in itinerary.
• Personal expenses of any kind.
• Transportation not specified in the itinerary.
• Telephone calls.
• Tips for porters, drivers, concierge, tour guides, housekeepers, optional spa services, etc.
• Services not specified in the itinerary. For example, spa services (facials, massages, etc.) and other available activities (canyoning, rock climbing, etc) are not included. 
• Meals not described as included in the itinerary. (Feedback from past retreat participants has revealed that travelers appreciate the opportunity to sample local cuisine of their choosing. So rather than arranging for catered meals, we've reduced the total retreat cost to give you the choice of how to spend your meal dollars.​​​​​​​ Suggested budget is $20 USD for each lunch and $30 USD for each dinner, this includes tax and tip. Healthy options will be available at all dining venues we visit.)

• The services quoted includes all the taxes (for lodging, it is 9%;  and sales tax is 11.5%). If the tax scheme changes, prices will be adjusted accordingly.
• A tour operator may cancel an activity due to inclement weather. In this case, if a suitable replacement activity is not provided, you will be refunded the cost of that activity. 
• U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents do NOT need a passport to visit Puerto Rico,

Retreat Dates:
Arrival - November 4, 2019
Departure - November 9, 2019

Please plan so that your flight arrives at SJU (Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport) on November 4th by 5pm local time, and departs from the same airport on November 9th. Last transfer shuttle will pick-up from airport at 6:30pm on 11/4/19 to drop off at hotel. Private or shared shuttle will accommodate your flight time for transfer from hotel to airport.


Only $1220 per person (double occupancy).
$1090 per person (triple occupancy).

If you would like single occupancy, then add $700 to cost of double occupancy room.

Payment Deadline: October 5th, 2019.
See payment terms HERE.

Looking for a roommate to share a double-occupancy room?
SEND US A MESSAGE and we'll put you on the list to let you know if there is availability.

Double occupancy
($1220 per person) 

Triple occupancy.
($1090 per person)

There are 2 double beds in each double occupancy room.
There are 2 double beds in each triple occupancy room (may request a rollaway bed, if desired).

To ensure the best experience for all guests on this trip, I am keeping the group size small. Space is limited. So make your deposit NOW to reserve your spot before the trip sells out!

"Am I fit enough for this retreat?"

Listen to what one participant had to say... 

Embracing your fears. Conquering the unknown. Discovering new strengths. That's what this adventure is all about. And we're here to help you. 

There are some recommendations regarding physical condition which are detailed in the itinerary above. But if you are an adult with average physical fitness, you should have a wonderful experience with us!

This incredible retreat in tropical Puerto Rico was carefully designed to appeal to all 5 senses. The mind and body can optimally remember, appreciate, and learn from each of the amazing, healthful experiences of this adventure quest when they are anchored by a strong sensory stimulation. This is not just a Caribbean vacation, it’s a life-transforming experience.

Can you see it?
Hear it? Taste it?
Smell it? Feel it?
Join us!

A Caribbean Adventure Quest!

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