Welcome to the 21-Day Detox Challenge - Dr. Venus
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Welcome to the 21-Day Detox Challenge

Thank you so much for joining us!


Just do these THREE things:

1) Check your email and confirm your REGISTRATION for the Challenge. This makes sure you get the daily emails which guide you through the COMMIT-TO-FIT 21-Day Detox. (You may need to check your Bulk, Spam, or Promo folders to find this confirmation email.)


2) Join our private Facebook Group so that you can get my coaching throughout the Challenge. Here’s the link to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CommitToFitKickStart/


3) Your Detox Manual, Detox Recipe Book, and Pre-Challenge Prep Workshop video will be delivered by email soon. Start reviewing these resources and get ready!  We start the Detox Challenge on Monday, August 14th!




-Dr. Venus