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Group Health Coaching



Look how excited I am!
I can’t wait to share this

Have you been trying to LOSE WEIGHT and GET MORE FIT, but struggle to stick to your plan because you’re just plain TOO BUSY? Well, I’ve got something you’re going to want to check out!

I’ve spent the last 20 years totally immersing myself in the health and fitness industry…as a licensed physician, competitive fitness athlete, and NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

In that time, probably THE most frequent question I get asked is, “How do you do it all?” The secret to losing weight and getting fit SUCCESSFULLY – especially when life keeps us so busy – that is a secret which most everyone wants to unlock.

This is your lucky day! I’ve decided to REVEAL MY SECRET! Well, it’s not actually a secret. It’s just my method that I’ve developed over many, many years to get prepared for my fitness competitions. You can learn the exact methods and life hacks I use to get my body in shape, keep my mind focused and make my heart happy.

Now you may be thinking, “Well, that may work great for her, but I don’t want to compete. I just want to lose some weight.” At my fitness competitions, I stand proudly on stage as judging officials critique my physique. In order to get to that point, I have to work hard, stay focused, and use a training & nutrition plan.

Doing all of that when a busy schedule is constantly pulling at me is the ultimate challenge. Mastering that challenge is what I want to share with you, and EVERYONE – no matter what your goal is – can benefit from that.


SUPERCHARGED! The Secret To Total Mind-Body Wellness In Just 25 Minutes Per Day is a group coaching program which provides my PERSONAL blueprint for achieving my best body in a safe and healthy manner. I use techniques which optimize efficiency and effectiveness, so that they actually work in a crazy busy schedule.

What makes this online course different from the rest?

You’ll be able to follow my fitness journey in REAL TIME! This online course will take place over an 12-week span in which I will be dieting and training with you. Every week, you’ll see my progress as I work toward my goals. So you will actually see my program and the results I achieve — without any tricks, filters, or exaggerations.

Real results using real-life techniques. See for yourself how it all works. Learn how to implement the program in your own life

Now before you think that my method won’t work for you because you’re starting from scratch, while I have the benefit of having competed for so many years…let me tell you why this time, my journey may be a little more like yours.

I lead a very full life. I’m a physician, fitness athlete, personal trainer, and community volunteer. But after my father had a stroke in March of 2016, I fell into a depression of sorts as I took on the role of caregiver. I was a textbook case of Caregiver Syndrome.

I stopped working out. I ate junk food. I gained weight. My energy level plummeted. I was ashamed that I allowed this to happen, since my job as a rehabilitation physician often involves helping families of stroke patients’ deal with such situations.

As a health and fitness expert who has been on TV & radio to advise others on staying fit, it was very humbling to have fallen into this trap — I had developed complete apathy with regards to my own health.

Months passed. Eventually, I decided that I had to get back on track. I realized that I would not be able to take good care of my family if I didn’t take better care of myself. To resume a healthy lifestyle, I thought I could just do what I had done so many times before — diet and train like I was getting ready for a contest. I started my contest prep program, and failed almost immediately. I was “on the wagon, then “off the wagon”…over and over again. What was I doing wrong?

And then it came to me. I had never done this before. I had prepared for a fitness competition while maintaining my work as a physician, trainer, and philanthropist. But I had never done THIS. I had never dieted and trained while working AND caregiving.

So I had to approach this differently. It’s not HUGELY different. But it’s an important tweak to my program. And I’ll share it with you in my online course. So along with seeing my real-time fitness journey, what else do you get in this course?

The Secret To Total Mind-Body Wellness In Just 25 Minutes A Day”

This online group coaching program will show you:

  • How to achieve a fitness lifestyle by spending just an extra 25 minutes a day.
  • Workout program with specific exercise descriptions and demos.
  • Meal plan with quick and easy recipes and shopping lists; food substitutions for personal preferences provided.
  • Choosing the diet and workout program right for you. You can strictly adhere to my plan or learn to tailor it to meet your needs.
  • Meal delivery service: Deciding if it’s right for you and choosing the right company.
  • Energy-boosting strategies without relying on coffee and caffeine!
  • Getting motivated. The right mindset.
  • What tools you can get to help you succeed.
  • How to stick to your diet: Beating cravings. Eating out with friends.
  • How to maintain your workout schedule. Recovery tips. How and when to modify your program.
  • Supplements: which ones and why.
  • Debunking the myths: How to lose weight the safe and healthy way.
  • Time management techniques specific to your needs.  How to find time in YOUR busy life.
  • Sleep: Discover how much is enough. How you can improve it.
  • Stress management: How stress affects your body. Breathing exercises and other techniques to relax and recharge.
  • Peak Week: If you have a specific event for which you want to look your best (a wedding, a reunion, etc.), these are fine tuning techniques you can use during the last week before the event.
  • Succeeding for life. Once you’ve reached your goal, how you maintain it
  • PLUS: You are granted access to our exclusive Facebook Group, so you can interact with and benefit from the support of others also enrolled in the program.

One “secret” I’ll share with you now. In order to get fit or lose weight effectively, making a commitment to keep a diet and exercise log is a valuable key to success. So I want to make this commitment even easier for you…with the DR. VENUS Fitness App.

For a Limited Time…

I’m also including an EXTRA BONUS when you sign up for my group coaching program – you’ll get 12 months of PRO LEVEL access to the Dr. Venus Fitness App (usually only available to my Team DR. VENUS Pro members). That’s a $219 value that you get for FREE, just for enrolling in my group coaching program.

What can you do with the DR. VENUS Fitness App?

  • Track your daily fitness activities.
  • Track your weight and other body measurements; Over 2000 exercises and activities.
  • Clear 3D exercise demonstrations.
  • Preset workouts (for home or gym) and the option to create your own.
  • Earn rewards badges for your fitness activities
  • Handy countdown clock to time your sets as needed.
  • Ability to sync with Google Fit and Apple Health
  • INCLUDED: Pro level-only features
    1. Advanced Nutrition System with food tracking capabilities.
    2. Unlimited goals and progress tracking.
    3. More extensive pre-set exercise plans to choose from.
  • PLUS: You get PRO Membership benefits including a group video chat with ME two times per month!  That’s right…I personally lead the coaching calls, not a staff member.

So don’t miss the opportunity to join me in my fitness journey and learn valuable REAL LIFE techniques to finally succeed in achieving your own health goals AND get the SPECIAL BONUS 12-month access to the DR. VENUS Fitness app and 12 months of ME coaching YOU.

This is a LIMITED QUANTITY OFFER. Enroll in SUPERCHARGED! The Secret To Total Mind-Body Wellness In Just 25 Minutes A Day online coaching program before the number of FREE 12-Month Team Dr. Venus Pro Level Memberships run out!

12-Week Group Coaching Program

Price: $995.00