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Are you ready to impact MILLIONS?

HURRY, this offer ends in

-752Days -7Hours -16Minutes -5Seconds

Calling all hidden gems!



Take your industry by storm and multiply your credibility fast!

The Doctors

You Want To Appear On TV, Radio, Podcasts, & Magazines And Get Seen By Thousands Of Your Ideal Clients.

You Want The Respect And Credibility That Comes With Being Featured Over Your Competitors.

You Want To Be Inundated With Email Messages From People Who Saw Your Guest Spot And Now Want To Be Your Clients.

You Want To Smile When Your Family And Friends Brag That They Know You And Share Your Feature In Their Social Media Posts.

But You Don’t Know Where To Start. You’re Not Sure What To Write. And You Have No Idea Who To Contact.




I’ve met so many entrepreneurs who feel like they’re a “best kept secret.” They’re smart, savvy, and amazing at what they do, and have a powerful message that deserves to be shared.


Except, when it comes time to put their message out into the world, they seriously struggle.


They don’t know where to begin. They feel too shy or introverted. They hold back because they don’t want to accidentally offend anyone and drive away potential customers. They’re afraid their peers in the “professional association-of-something” might judge them.


Maybe you feel this way, too. If so, here’s what I need you to know.

You have the ability to make a world-changing impact. Your message is powerful.


The only problem is… the people of the world don’t know it yet.

Here’s the good news: there’s a shortcut to reaching hundreds, thousands, or millions of people, multiplying your credibility, and making a much bigger impact in the world.


And you can learn that shortcut and so much more inside my colleague Selena Soo’s best-selling publicity training program…


Impacting Millions® helps you land dream publicity opportunities to catapult you from best-kept secret to highly sought-after leader. You’ll attract clients with greater ease while impacting more lives than you ever imagined!

To find out more about Impacting Millions,


Ends on March 29th at 5pm ET!

-752Days -7Hours -16Minutes -5Seconds

This year, I’ve teamed up with Selena to create the most amazing bonus package EVER.

MY BONUSES: (Total Value: up to $1797)

Only available to you when you join using one of the links on this page…


Membership in my exclusive “Take Action” training group (Value: $299)

  • Support for the duration of Impacting Millions live course modules (7 weeks).
  • Accountability to stay on track so you get the most out of Selena’s training.
  • Having successfully completed Impacting Millions myself, I’ll give you insider tips on implementing each module so that it has the most impact on your business in the least amount of time. (I’m super busy, so figuring this out was KEY for me. I’m sure your schedule is jam-packed, too!)
  • Get my feedback on your work (pitches, strategy, messaging, etc.) as you go through the training.


Private Coaching with Pitch Review & Edit (Value: $499)

  • One-on-one coaching call with me (30-minutes) to outline your media strategy
  • I’ll review your pitch and make edits so that it gets noticed by decision-makers, increasing your chances of getting booked!



Let Me Help You Host Your Own Giveaway! (Value: $499)

  • Great for those who are just getting started and need to build or grow their email list.
  • I’ll partner with you to grow your email list by setting you up as the Host of your very own giveaway!
  • You can increase your email list by more than 1000 subscribers, even if you’re starting from scratch.
  • I’ll provide your landing page, write the page copy, provide the social media images – yes, all of that tech you don’t want to be bothered with!
  • Includes a 45-minute consultation in which we plan and strategize your giveaway to grow an email list of your ideal  audience!




JV Partner Strategy and Recruitment (Value: $999)

  • If you’re an established entrepreneur with a proven offer that is ready for promotion, this is for you.
  • Leverage the power of joint venture (JV) partners  to grow your reach, attract new clients, and increase your sales exponentially!
  • Ideal JV partners are those people in your industry who serve the same audience as you. JV partners collaborate to promote each other’s products & services to grow their businesses, attract more clients, and earn more income.
  • In my JV management company, I broker these types of JV partnership deals regulary. With this BONUS, I’ll do this for you for an entire month! That’s right. For a full 30-days, you’ll have me recruiting JV partners to promote you so you can grow your audience FAST!*
  • This includes a 1-on-1 call with me to develop your JV strategy to maximize your growth and income from each JV partnership.

Impacting Millions Program Features:
(Total Value: $17,535)


7 Video Training Modules by Selena Soo (a $3000 value)

  • Lifetime access to 7 content-rich modules that show you how to land podcast and TV interviews, print and online articles, and guest expert spots with your favorite influencers – and how to leverage these opportunities to grow your business.

Access to 50+ Publicity Resources (a $997 value)

  • The Impacting Millions Resource Bank is filled with 50+ fillable worksheets, word-for-word scripts, helpful checklists, and step-by-step templates to save you time and help you get more media features.

Impacting Millions Orientation Call (a $250 value)

  • During the Orientation Call, they review everything you get in Impacting Millions and how you can make the most of our one-year program. They also share our top success strategies to help you land the publicity of your dreams.

Publicity Check-In Calls with Selena Soo (a $1200 value)

  • Selena hosts four, 90-minute Publicity Check-In Calls to celebrate your wins, help you finetune your publicity strategy, and support you in making steady progress towards your visibility goals!


MONTHLY Media Hot Seats (a $3600 value)

  • You’ll be invited to these exclusive Hot Seat sessions led by Selena’s amazing senior media coach, Lynya Floyd… a veteran magazine editor, health coach, and writer for publications like Money, Glamour, Essence, Family Circle, and Cosmopolitan.
  • Lynya has helped entrepreneurs like us get into Business Insider, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and top podcasts. You’ll have a chance to get invaluable live feedback from her on your story ideas, pitching, and messaging.

12 Months of Publicity Tips from Selena and Lynya (Value $497)

  • Whether it’s helping you overcome mindset blocks or sharing timely tips for pitching the media, every month Lynya and Selena will be dropping some additional, high-value content in the Facebook group to support you in getting more visibility.

One Year Membership to the Impacting Millions Club (Value $1500)

  • The Impacting Millions Club is a private community filled with superstar students and high-achieving entrepreneurs who are doing inspiring work around the globe.
  • Together, they help each other get to the next level by sharing collaboration ideas, insider strategies, and unadvertised media opportunities.
  • When someone in the media asks Selena if she knows a great health, business, or relationship expert for a story, she  shares these “unadvertised” opportunities in the Impacting Millions Club private Facebook community.


Get Stuff Done Sessions with Megan Seamans (a $2500 value)

  • The #1 thing that separates entrepreneurs who get publicity with those who don’t is action! At GSD sessions, they  support you with staying focused on the needle-moving activities that help you get valuable visibility for your business. Over the course of 10 sessions, you’ll work alongside other impact-driven entrepreneurs so you can make steady progress towards your publicity goals.

Three Publicity Challenges with Prizes! (a $797 value)

  • 3 additional publicity challenges to support you with landing the media of your dreams. These challenges are a fun and engaging way to build momentum towards your goals. You’ll get points as you complete each step, and we’ll be awarding great prizes to those with the most points!

Master List of Selena’s Favorite Media Professionals (a $1500 value)

  • You’ll love Selena’s master list of favorite media professionals! In it, you’ll find contact information for important media contacts, including staff writers, editors, contributors, and podcasters. This will save you countless hours and ensure you are pitching the right person!

The Impacting Millions Podcast Database (Value $1500)

  • The Impacting Millions Podcast Database helps you browse and pitch relevant podcast opportunities for your business, as well as find potential guests for your own podcast!
  • Through podcasts, you’ll be able to connect with engaged listeners and potential clients who are ready to learn about the work you do and be inspired by your powerful message. most points. (A little friendly competition never hurt anyone!)


Pay-in-Full Bonus #1: Three-Hour Intensive with Lynya for Media Bio + Story Ideas + Implementation Magic (Value $697)

  • When you pay in full… during this power-packed group session, Senior Media Coach Lynya Floyd will support you with completing your media bio, fine tuning your top story ideas for the media, and writing (and even sending) your pitches.

Pay-in-Full Bonus #2: Professional Review of Your Pitch (Value $300)

  • Also when you pay in full, you’re guaranteed a video review of one of your story pitches by Lynya.
  • You’ll get warm and helpful video feedback with ideas to improve or polish your pitch so it’s media ready.

This offer ends on March 29 at 5pm ET.

-752Days -7Hours -16Minutes -5Seconds

Meet Dr. Venus


Dr. Venus – The Biohacking M.D. – is a board-certified physician in the specialty of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation who received her medical training at Yale University, University of Miami, and University of California-Irvine. She has a thriving medical practice in Southern California and has competed for 20 years as a national-level fitness athlete.


A respected fitness trainer with expertise in biohacking human physiology and biomechanics, she’s had clients ranging from single moms to professional athletes, and even an action film star. A repeat guest expert on the TV series “The Doctors” and featured on several other shows including NBC’s “American Gladiators,” and ABC’s “The Bachelor: Paris,” she also contributes to multiple health media outlets including Oxygen Magazine and


Having had great success in landing media exposure for her own brand, she now guides fellow health and wellness professionals on increasing their visibility to grow their businesses as well.



No more hiding in the shadows!

Selena only offers this program once a year, and enrollment has just opened — which means you can be one of the first to join NOW.


But don’t wait too long… doors close on this early bird opportunity Friday, April 2nd, at 11:59pm ET.


If you are ready to finally have the courage & confidence to stand in the spotlight and get the publicity you secretly desire & deserve…



This Offer Ends On March 29, 2022, at 5pm ET.

-752Days -7Hours -16Minutes -5Seconds