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Enrollment Closed, But Will Re-Open SOON!

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Ready To Discover Your Zen?

Just 25 Minutes A Day To A New You!

The Doctors

Do you want to get fit and healthy, but don’t know where to start?
Struggling to add exercise and healthy eating into your already hectic schedule?
Wish there was an easier way?

Introducing the Discover Your Zen Program

With the world full of distractions and constraints, it can be next to impossible to find the time and energy to make healthy eating and regular exercise a part of your day.

What I want to show you is that when you stop listening to the “fitness gurus” and start working with a qualified professional, you’ll feel the difference.  Just give me 25 minutes a day!

Renew your spirit and refresh your mind.

Discover the power of feeling truly awake and energized.

Meet the new you that powers through the day like never before.

Sounds amazing right?

Here’s how we’ll make it happen…

8 Weeks of Transformation

The Discover Your Zen program focuses your mind, body, and spirit for 8 weeks, taking just 25 minutes a day. The reason we’re able to see change in this short span of time is that I focus on giving you only what you truly need, and nothing more.


I love being in the fitness industry and have a lot of respect for many of my colleagues who do good work for people in their communities who are struggling with their health. Unfortunately, the industry is also crowded with untrained individuals who do more harm than good.


Over the last 2 decades, I’ve immersed myself in the health and fitness world. I have seen every fad and trend come and go. I’ve witnessed the damage to people’s health and wellbeing that so often goes with questionable approaches. Burnout, injuries, lack of focus.  You name it. I’ve seen it!

I believe in taking a more comprehensive approach; one that combines my knowledge as a licensed medical physician with my experience as a holistic wellness professional. My coaching philosophy focuses on doing no harm, first and foremost, so that we can then make the smart choices that give your mind and body what they need. There are no fad diets and no trendy, overly-complicated workout routines – just tried and trusted techniques from someone who understands how the mind and body work.

What You Get

No program will work unless it covers everything that goes into a healthy lifestyle. Cutting your calories without regard for the new demands your training regime places on your body will lead to burnout. Eating junk and running mile after mile will just lead to injury and fatigue. These approaches just don’t work which is why I’ve started from the ground up to create an all-in-one wellness program that tackles everything you need for your mind and body to flourish. That way, you can say “Goodbye” to Googling the latest fads and say “Hello!” to the new healthier and happier you!

1 expert

Expert Guidance

I know that making healthy choices can be tough, especially with all the conflicting advice that’s out there. That’s why I offer step-by-step guidance that sets you on the path to your own personal zen by helping you create healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

2 program

A Program That Works For YOU

Your path to healthy zen starts with just 25 minutes a day. I’ve made it that way so that anyone can fit it in around the working day. Once you start to see the results, you’ll never look back!

3 exercise

Professional Exercise Planning

I take the guesswork out of training by giving you exclusive access to workout videos and suggested plans. That way you can make sure you give your body everything it needs, and nothing more.

4 meal plans

Mouthwatering Meal Plans

I know that if your healthy choices don’t taste great then you’ll soon get disheartened. That’s why I’ve created delicious and nutritious meal plans that include daily menus and shopping lists. The smarter way to eat healthy!

5 restaurant

Healthy Restaurant Choices

You need to eat out from time to time, it’s good for the soul! My advice on what to look for when you order takeout or eat out at a restaurant will keep your progress towards your healthy zen on track.

6 coaching

Regular Coaching Calls

We’ll meet over video calls twice per month to discuss your progress and give you the confidence to keep on pushing. Action steps, progress, plateaus – you name it; we’ll take care of it!

7 less stress

Less Stress, More Time

Sounds like two things we could all do with right? By learning how to meditate anywhere and everywhere, you’ll be able to handle your stress and cruise through the day like never before.

The Health Benefits

Every aspect of my program is designed to promote growth in mind and body. When you feel the two working in perfect harmony, your all-round health will improve dramatically, and it only takes 25 minutes a day to kickstart things!

  • Supercharge your metabolism
  • Build a healthy heart and a stronger cardiovascular system
  • Naturally reduce PMS and menopausal symptoms
  • Optimize your bowel function and reduce digestive discomfort
  • Lower stress levels so you can embrace every day
  • Approach every day with energy and optimism like never before


In only 25 minutes a day, I’ll show you how to start achieving real measurable change in even just the first few weeks.

Ready to Discover Your Zen?

Limited Time Offer

Regular Price: $499

Discover Your Zen
as included in your Team Dr. Venus membership


Only $16 / month


No long-term contract.
You may cancel your membership at any time.


Enrollment Ended 11:59pm ET, April 11th, 2018


I’m so excited to be launching my all-new upgraded membership program Team Dr. Venus this year.
Now you can get the high quality of coaching programs like Discover Your Zen with the convenience and affordability of a monthly membership!


Team Dr. Venus Community Programs
Throughout the year, I provide expert guidance to help you achieve your fitness goals in the most effective and efficient way possible. These programs are specially designed to give you the best results possible. Careful scheduling of the programs gives you the exact coaching you need for specific times of the year. Participate in any or all the programs you wish! As a member, you get exclusive access to every single one of them.


Discover Your Zen (valued at $499), April 11, 2018:
8-Week step-by-step guidance to implement a healthy lifestyle. Covers sleep, exercise, nutrition, time management, and stress management.


Summer Detox (valued at $99), June 6, 2018:
4-day preparation and 21-Day Detox. Give your body the chance to function without the foods that may be sabotaging your health.


SUPERCHARGED! (valued at $599), July 16, 2018:
3-month coaching program to achieve total mind-body wellness. Boost your energy and achieve renewed enthusiasm for life!


Sugar Solution (valued at $109), Oct. 15, 2018:
1-month program to get rid of those sugar cravings! Detoxify your body. Free yourself from an addiction to sugar.


Healthful Holidays (valued at $99), Nov. 19, 2018:
6-week support and accountability program. Avoid the setbacks often suffered by those who habitually give in to the temptations of the holidays. You can enjoy the festivities and even partake of a few of your holiday favorites, but get the tips and support you need to make good decisions during this season of indulgence.

Winter Detox (valued at $99), Jan 7, 2019:
Perhaps you indulged here and there during the holidays. Start the New Year with a renewed commitment to your health! 7-day preparation and 21-Day Detox.


6-Week Body Transformation (valued at $109), Feb 4, 2019:
Get in your best shape ever! Meal plan and workout program included. And yes, there’s a prize for the best transformation!


Rejuvenize (valued at $79), March 20, 2019:
Master the art of aging! This 2-week program is specifically targeted to anyone interested in ageless living. Learn simple steps to a proactive and preventative lifestyle. It’s the perfect jumpstart to lifelong health, wellness, and well-being.

LIVE Group Video Chat Sessions…With Me!
Every month, I’ll hop on video and chat with all members to answer questions, share fitness tips, and much more.  Unlike many other doctor-led programs, I won’t send a staff trainer or dietician to do this…you’ll get me (unless there’s an extreme circumstance like some force of nature out of my control). I’ll hold these video sessions 2 times per month.  An office consultation is usually billed at $350 per hour, so these chats are an incredible value!


Exclusive Access To Our Online Accountability Group

Accountability is one of the most important aspects when it comes to sticking with any type of health, fitness or diet program. Now, thanks to our exclusive Online Accountability Group, you’ll always be held accountable to keep you moving forward and staying on track to achieve your own fitness and health goals! And because it’s available on the Team Dr. Venus app, this valuable resource can be carried with you wherever you go.


Online Recipe Library (Updated Monthly!)

With the ever-growing online recipe library, you’ll always have access to new and amazingly healthy, and amazingly tasty recipes right at your fingertips!


Online Workout Library (Updated Monthly!)

The online workout library contains all kinds of great workouts. Whether you want to work out at home or in the gym – I’ve got you  covered!


The Dr. Venus Fitness App

The amazing Team Dr. Venus Fitness App lets you track your meals, fitness activities, weight, and body measurements; contains hundreds exercises (with clear video demonstrations); provides a handy workout timer; has preset workouts built in (for home or gym); can easily sync with Fitbit, Nokia Health Mate, and MyFitnessPal.



Every month you get access to a surprise gift! It may be an e-book, program, or  workshop…whatever it is, it will always focus on optimizing your health and well-being.

My Promise to You

With this exclusive offer, you have access to EIGHT PROGRAMS, a value of over $1600, for a tiny fraction of that cost per month! And every program is personally run by me, Dr. Venus. You may see other doctors or fitness professionals offer similar programs that they often outsource to staff trainers. They price them anywhere from $300 up to $1200 – for a single program! When you choose Team Dr. Venus, I promise you will always receive professional affordable guidance with my OWN personal service.

Don’t just take my word for it.
Check out what others have to say!


“I have done many different types of workouts in the past and I’m amazed with Dr. Venus’ program. I particularly love her high-intensity interval training workouts…just what I need to challenge my body. I will definitely continue to do her workouts.”

– Paula Delcid

“When I met Dr. Venus, I was struggling…even though I spent many hours in the gym and ate ‘healthy,’ I was unable to make lasting changes. My body fat stayed the same, and my muscle tone didn’t change much. My new diet had plenty of food…didn’t leave me feeling deprived. And I had plenty of energy to train. Most of all, Dr. Venus believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and always encouraged me and pushed me to do my personal best. I am beyond thankful to Dr. Venus for being my coach and highly recommend working with her.”

– Adriana Pobiarzyn


“As an occupational therapist and rehab professional, I appreciate that Dr. Venus’ workouts are simple, effective, and balanced. Since occupational therapists are all about the balance of work, rest, and play, I love the fact that I get a very effective workout in less than an hour that targets the major muscle groups and can be done without impact…Workouts can be totally individualized to where I’m at, whether due to injuries or the aging process.”

– Donna Christopher, OTR

…and these are only a few of my incredible testimonials!

Discover Your Zen

as included in your Team Dr. Venus membership 

-2294Days -10Hours -47Minutes -37Seconds

Meet Dr. Venus

I’ve strived to be at the forefront of the health & fitness industry for more than 20 years now, as a licensed medical physician, certified fitness trainer, and competitive fitness athlete.


My passion for healthy living has taken me to some amazing places and it’s been an inspiration for me throughout my life. I’m a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and a fully-licensed practicing physician specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.


I know the human body and what it is capable of when you give it what it needs. By using my tried and trusted comprehensive approach of “first do no harm” and then make things as optimal as they can be, I pride myself on getting the sustainable results that others simply can’t.


I call it science with a good helping of common sense!



Want to know if my healthy path to zen is for you? I’ve got the answers…

I have specific needs and goals. Will your program address them?

Absolutely! I provide expert guidance and answer your specific questions during our group coaching calls. So you can find out how to tailor the program to optimize it for your individual needs. I use a group coaching format, so we can all encourage one another via the online accountability group.

I’m thinking about hiring a personal trainer. Wouldn’t that work just as well?

There are some great trainers out there, but there also a lot of amateurs who do more harm than good. My program is more comprehensive than any personal training session because it explores the links between body and mind to create your own healthy zen. In that sense, it’s more affordable and gives you better results. It’s also flexible enough for you to fit it into the working day.

I have dietary restrictions. Can you help?

Absolutely! The included meal plans are gluten-free and dairy-free. There are also delicious vegetarian options available!

Do I need to pay for a gym membership?

No, definitely not! Every exercise in the program can be safely performed at home without any special equipment.

Limited Time Offer!

Regular Price: $499

Discover Your Zen

as included with your Team Dr. Venus membership


Only $16 / month


No long-term contract.
You may cancel membership at any time.

Enrollment Ended 11:59pm ET April 11, 2018

Discover Your Zen Today!

-2294Days -10Hours -47Minutes -37Seconds

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