WEEK 3 - Day 4 - Zen Team - Dr. Venus
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WEEK 3 – Day 4 – Zen Team



Know Yourself And Be Honest


A very common reason why people don’t add exercise into their daily life is because they make the excuse that they can’t afford a gym or don’t want to go to a gym and therefore can’t exercise. Let’s EMBRACE that excuse.  The first E – Evaluate. You don’t have a gym and can’t afford it; but just because you don’t have a gym, doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. There are plenty of other options for you. You just need to figure your what you like best and work with it. So the second E – Educate…


Take An Overview Of Yourself


Looking into yourself and your personality is very crucial to your success and you need to be honest with yourself too. Don’t force yourself into a gym if you can’t stand being around people or it makes you uncomfortable. The gym doesn’t make you healthy your actions do. Exercise at home or go outside.


Make it Fun


Find an exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise, such as taking a dance class. Play a sport with some of your friends and family. Participate in exercises that make you happy. Forcing yourself to do exercises that you dread is not helpful or healthy. Finding exercises and activities you enjoy is important because it sets the stage for success. It’s that simple.


Know Yourself


Explore and choose types of exercises that match your personality. Maybe you like walking more than running or dancing more than riding a bike. Think of activities you like doing and incorporate an element of exercise. For example, if you enjoy genealogy, visit and walk in the same areas where your ancestors lived. Imagine them walking the same path. Use your own interests and likes to create exercise opportunities specific to you. When you pair an exercise with one of your more sedentary interests, you have a built-in “excuse” to spend more time on your interest.


Check With Your Doctor


Before you do any exercise, consult a physician and ask for exercise recommendations. You may not be healthy enough to do some things. However, when you share your goals with your doctor, he or she can help you reach your attainable goals, as well as help you with encouragement and accountability.


Focus on what you can do rather than things you can’t do. Everyone has their own special limits. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t work around them. The important thing to remember is that your health and fitness levels will improve, if you stick with your plan. Making progress and avoiding setbacks are your underlying goals. Make it easier on yourself by listening to your body. Take a break or modify your exercises when your body tells you to tone it down a little. Overdoing things or pushing yourself too hard can lead to injuries.


You’ll be receiving a workout program from me that you can try, which is also an option. But you don’t HAVE to do the program that I provide.  You’ll be most successful at sticking to a workout plan if you do something that really fits you and what you like doing.



1) REMEMBER, if you’ve had problems in the past keeping up a regular exercise schedule, try my suggestion of creating a habit. Every time you wake up, or finish washing your dishes after dinner, or whatever that regular activity is that you choose as the one to trigger your workouts…after THAT happens, put on your workout shoes! Just keep doing this. Don’t worry about what comes after this. Just put on those workout shoes.


2) Log in to the Fitness App on your COMPUTER – https://doctorvenus.com/app-login/ – and  go to the FORMS tab. Go to the Exercise Worksheet and answer questions 7 through 11. Be sure to click SAVE when you’re done, but DON’T sign it yet. (You won’t be able to go back to answer the rest of the questions once you sign it.)


2) If you have any questions about anything…let me know in the Facebook group –   https://www.facebook.com/groups/discoveryourzen/


Previous ACTION STEPS: (Not a complete list, but some important highlights.)

1) Log in to the Fitness App on your COMPUTER – https://doctorvenus.com/app-login/ – and  go to the FORMS tab. If you haven’t completed the Client Agreement form and the PAR-Q form from Day 1’s ACTION STEPS, do that today and sign them. Be sure to click SAVE when you’re done. (You can not receive the meal plan and workout plan when they are released until we have those completed forms on file.)


2) If you haven’t done so yet, send an email to team@DoctorVenus.com and state whether you want a vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal plan.


3) We’ll start our exercise plan next week! Send an email to team@DoctorVenus.com and let me know whether you want an exercise plan for weight loss (focused on burning calories) or for building/maintaining your mass.  So you just need to indicate whether you want a BURN or BUILD program.


4) Download the Set Your Goals Checklist and complete it. CLICK HERE to download.


5) Download the Program Planner that you can start using, if you wish. CLICK HERE to download.


6) Download the Kitchen Clean Out handout and use it to guide the clean out of your kitchen BEFORE you start your meal plan. CLICK HERE to download.


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