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Fit For Travel

Fit For Travel

Staying fit while traveling can be a challenge.  But keep the following tips in mind and you will see that it’s actually not the difficult task you may be imagining.  You don’t have to take a break from fitness just because you’re taking a break from home.

1. Pack resistance bands.  Your hotel or resort may not be equipped with a gym.  Push-ups are effective for a chest workout and can be done most anywhere.  But exercises for most other upper body parts are difficult to perform without a bar or dumbbells.  Since these heavy and space-consuming items are not practical to pack, resistance bands can serve as a sensible substitute

One back exercise you can try with a resistance band is the straight back row.  Simply tie or attach the middle of the band to a sturdy base, perhaps a door handle.  Then grab each end of the band and step back from the attachment point, arms extended out in front of you, feeling slight tension in the band.  Keep your low back straight and your knees slightly bent.  Pull your arms back, bending at your elbows, and bringing your fists straight across your middle torso.  You’ll feel your shoulder blades squeezing closer together behind you.  Slowly release your arms to your front and return to your starting position.

2. Schedule your workout. Many people would rather not be bound to a schedule when they are on a vacation.  However, if physical fitness is a priority in your life, it shouldn’t be a hassle to fit it into your day.  Sometimes 20 to 30 minutes is all that is required.

3. Engage in physically challenging vacation activities.  This can include biking, hiking, swimming, and even kayakingWhile your specific options depend upon your location, these activities can provide a very enjoyable means of aerobic exercise.  It will feel more like indulging in a recreational pastime and less like maintaining a workout regimen.

4. Be creative.  Make use of your surroundings.  Look around and see what you can use in your workout.  For example, most hotels have a stairwell.  Running up and down a flight of stairs can be an excellent workout for the legs

You can even make you own tricep dip machine in your hotel room.  Just pull 2 chairs together, side-by-side, leaving enough room in between for your hips to pass.  Place the palm of each hand on a chair seat with your fingers coming over the front edge.  With your feet on the floor (or for more difficulty, elevated on top of a nightstand), bend your elbows, lowering your hips straight down toward the floor.  Don’t allow your hips to come forward past the front edge of the chairs.  The closer your hips are to your feet (increasing the bend in your knees), the easier the exercise becomes.  Then, push your elbows straight (remembering not to lock your elbows) to raise yourself into the starting position

5. Maximize your minutes.  Increasing the intensity of your workout can cut down on the time you must spend exercising.  Interval training is a very time-efficient and goal-achieving workout.  Try alternating short (1 minute) higher-intensity bursts with longer (2-3 minutes) lower-intensity exercise for a total of 20 minutes.  This will leave you plenty of time for any other scheduled activities, whether business or leisure.

Stay Fit!  Be Happy!

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