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Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Series Segment #2: “Treat Pain Without A Pill”

Here’s a look back at an appearance I had on “The Doctors” TV series where I explained a couple of natural pain management techniques.

If you’re seeking pain relief, it doesn’t always mean that you have to resort to “popping a pill” or scheduling a surgical procedure. Here are a few treatments that I’ve recommended in my medical practice:
1) Far infrared jade massage therapy bed.
2) Trigger point injections using a natural anti-inflammatory substance (NOT a steroid).

Hope you find the video informative and helpful. Another key aspect of managing pain naturally is to address your diet.  There are foods that can increase inflammation and those that can actually decrease inflammation.  For more information about this, I encourage you to read my FREE e-book, “The Quick Start Guide To The Dr. Venus Diet.” Claim your FREE copy in the registration box below.

Stay Fit! Be Happy
-Dr. Venus

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