How To Stay Motivated To Work Out - Dr. Venus
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How To Stay Motivated To Work Out

How To Stay Motivated To Work Out

Why is it important to stay motivated?

Making a lifetime commitment to fitness can be somewhat daunting. You can’t stop once you’ve reached your initial goal. Getting fit should mean staying fit for LIFE.  You can end up back where you started all too quickly if you quit the healthy habits that got you to that weight loss goal. Starting all over again can be very difficult, and realizing that you must start over can be really frustrating.

So here are a couple tips to keep you motivated and always moving toward your fitness goals!

Create a list of steps to reach your goal.  Success is rarely achieved overnight…especially in the area of weight loss. The inability to have overnight success can be demotivating when you’ve been wanting to lose weight for such a long time.  However, what you can do to help motivate yourself is to map out your plan to achieve your goal, breaking it up into easy steps.  A sample list of steps might include finding healthy recipes, shopping for meal ingredients each weekend, and completing 5 workouts every week.  As you complete each step along the way, acknowledge it. Give yourself a verbal “Yay” or checkmark that step on a written list.  When you recognize the progress in your journey, motivation to maintain your regimen comes more easily.

Modify your exercise routine every 14 days.  It is true that “variety is the spice of life.”  So it only makes sense to change things up a bit to maintain your interest in your workouts. If you’ve been doing dance aerobics, then add yoga to your workout week; perhaps supplement your running schedule with kickboxing. There are an abundance of fit activities that can keep you going and stimulated for a quite some time.

Aside from keeping you motivated, changing your exercise regimen can help prevent your body from reaching a plateau which stalls your fitness progress. This can occur as your body gets accustomed to a particular exercise program. Whether you want to create a toned physique, increase stamina, or improve muscular strength, you’ll need to do different exercises or perform them at different intensities over time.

When your body goes through any physical stress on a regular basis, it adapts to more efficiently manage the demands you place on it.  Making your body work harder or differently every two weeks can stimulate progress as well as interest.

It’s easier said than done at times, but it’s do-able.  Hang in there!

Stay Fit! Be Happy!
-Dr. Venus

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