Three Life Hacks for Healthy Nutrition - Dr. Venus
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Three Life Hacks for Healthy Nutrition

Three Life Hacks for Healthy Nutrition

Which is more important to maintaining a healthy weight: nutrition or exercise? While no one will advocate a sedentary lifestyle, and there is no denying the benefits of a cardiovascular workout, weight is largely dependent on what you eat. Calorie intake plays a much more significant role on body weight than any other factor. Many times, a healthy body weight can actually be a reflection of what you don’t eat, rather than what you do eat. How can you make convenient nutritional choices to maintain a healthy body weight? I have curated a list of life hacks that will easily keep your nutrition on track:

1. Save calories with simple food swaps.

Keep a note in a handy place in your kitchen with a list of nutritional swaps. Here are a few simple ones to get you started:

• Greek yogurt can replace mayonnaise, sour cream, oil, butter and cream cheese in a lot of recipes without much difference in flavor
• Romaine lettuce leaves are an ideal replacement for slices of bread in a sandwich
• Skip salt and use fresh herbs to season food

2. Make salads ahead of time.

You can clean and cut veggies for the week by layering the mason jar with your salad ingredients. The key is the order in which you stack your ingredients. Here is a quick tutorial on mason jar salads:

• Pour your salad dressing in first. Be sure to measure your dressing!
• Add ingredients to the mason jar from heaviest weighing ingredients first to lightest weight, for example chickpeas, grilled chicken, sliced cucumbers, diced bell pepper, sliced radishes, sliced olives, diced hard boiled egg, sunflower seeds, leafy greens.
• Then, seal the mason jar and refrigerate.

3. Sneak more vegetables into your meals with a few creative hacks.

• Skip pasta and eat spaghetti squash instead.
• Add several servings of diced vegetables to scrambled eggs. Dice veggies in advance and keep fresh in the refrigerator.
• Make mashed cauliflower. Rinse a head of cauliflower and break into pieces. Boil the cauliflower pieces. Remove from water and transfer to a food processor, mixing with a tablespoon of olive oil, a tablespoon of reduced-fat cream cheese. Can add salt & pepper to taste. Instead of the almost 300 calories in a cup of mashed potatoes, cauliflower mash has under 100 calories.

Stay tuned to for more healthy living tips and tricks to aid you with your fitness and diet regimes.

Stay Fit!  Be Happy!
-Dr. Venus

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